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Good Morning y’all. Switching up today’s blog post to let all of you creatives about an awesome movement that is sweeping the nation. Often times in the entrepreneurial journey we feel the need to compare ourselves to others. We compare techniques, successes, failures, office supplies, social media followers and it’s exhausting! The Rising Tide Society is a commuity of creatives focusing on #communityovercompetition. You can head over to The Rising Tide Society for more info on what they are all about! While you are there be sure to check out all of the great resources.

This month the theme is all about Instagram and the ladies over at Rising Tide are hosting the #risingtidechallenge to not only teach us a few things about Instagram but also connect us with fabulous creatives.  Calling ALL creatives! If you are a creative, a photographer, stylist, artist, blogger, calligrapher, small business owner…..and the list goes on – be sure to join this weeks challenge. Believe me you will not regret it!

I have been so blessed by this amazing group and can not wait to see how it continues to grow and create community!

I am not sure how many of you are into the blog scene, but there are definitely a lot out there and cover anything and everything that you could ever wonder about.

Before I started my business I started following other small business entrepreneurs as they often gave advice on what worked for them when they first started out and how to build a business around something that you are passionate about. From there I found other blogs that line up with my hobbies; I found great blogs from photographers, interior designers and even blogs on building your own furniture which has become a passion of my husband’s and mine.

Going directly to each blog site every day can be very taxing and time consuming. I recently discovered Bloglovin’ where you can add all of the blogs that you follow and view them daily from ONE feed! Not only does it save lots of time but when there is a post that you like you can save it as a favorite to be easily accessed later on. There is also an App for iPhone, Android and iPad. Super convenient!



Today I want to give a shout out to my website platform – ProPhoto Blog. When I first started researching different website options I looked into everything from custom designed websites to drag and drop formats and let me tell you the options were overwhelming!

I decided that having the flexibility to edit my site myself was the flexibility and ease of use that I was looking for. I read reviews and tested several different drag and drop platforms. Drag and Drop is great because you do not need to have CSS coding knowledge to build a site from scratch, if that is what you are looking to do. You just click on the area of your site that you would like to work on and type text, drag photos, etc.


While ProPhoto was built with photographers in mind I determined that there was no limiting factor that would prohibit it from working the way I needed it to for me! ProPhoto has designers that they work with to provide website templates OR if you prefer you you can create something totally unique all by yourself. ProPhoto utilizes the easy to use and all familiar WordPress, which is great because all of the software you need is installed right on your web host’s webserver. ProPhoto gives you the tools and knowledge to be able to do this on your own and they have a great support team for when you get stuck! They also provide informative, step by step tutorials which are view-able right from their website.

I have been able to create a blog and website – with one theme that is entirely based around my needs as they are right now and the best part is that as my website grows the ProPhoto platform will grow with me!





The ProPhoto theme is available for an affordable one, time payment which includes Support!

Use Code CFOU4382 to get $10 off your purchase of ProPhoto. 



photo (1)

Today I thought that I would take a few moments to share some tools that help me stay organized, minimize paper clutter and save time + energy on a daily basis. All of these tools can easily be used by anyone in both personal and business capacities!

  1. – Check this one out…you will not be sorry! It seems as though everyone and anyone has access to our email these days. We receive marketing, sale ads, notifications, alerts etc. all come through our inbox. This tool is a great way to keep the important things in your inbox, unsubscribe from the places where you do not wish to receive emails from, and roll the remaining emails into one email that you receive once a day that you can review at your convenience. This one is definitely a life changer!
  2. Expensify – This is a quick and easy way to keep track of expenses. Can be used on a computer and also has an app for on the go usage. The SmartScan feature allows you to snap a photo of your receipt and it will automatically fill in the merchant name, date of purchase and purchase amount as well as store the photograph. It can also track time and distance. After you create your expenses you can separate them into reports which can then be downloaded to PDF or Exported to certain software such as Evernote.
  3. Evernote – This tool really helps you remember everything while keeping life manageable by making it easy to find the things that matter when they matter. Evernote allows you to keep things organized through the use of Notebooks and Notes. These can be text, photo, reminders or lists and you can categorize or sub categorize in whatever way makes sense for you. It synchronizes between all of your devices so you never have to worry about having your most updated information at your fingertips. They also have a web-clipper tool that you can install in your browser which allows you to “clip” a page on the internet, a photo, an email anything you are viewing through your browser and import it into a Note or Notebook of your choosing. There are really so many great features that Evernote has to offer so definitely check them out!
  4. Genius Scan – This is an app compatible with the iPhone and iPad which allows you to take a photo or scan of a document, photograph, receipt etc. and exports it as either a JPEG or a PDF to Dropbox, Email, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive or a host of other applications that you may use.

Do you have a collection of tools that make your life easier? I would love for you to share what they are in the comments below!

Event season is in full swing…whether you are throwing your party on your own or hiring someone to help with those special details I wanted to share with you 10 Event Styling& Decor websites that have endless supplies to help you make your event unforgettable.

1. Koyal Wholesale – This site has everything from pre-made favors and decor to ribbons, glue and fabric so that you can get creative on your own! I love their new Faux Wood Birch Chargers.

2. Save On Crafts This site is a great place to find everything for your rustic/vintage styled event. Mason Jars, Twine and a great selection of string lighting and lanterns. Love this string of sisal cotton ball lighting.

3. Paper SourceDespite their name there is a lot more indulgence than just gorgeous custom printing, they also cover table essential, decorations and embellishments. This Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker is a must have!

4. Paper Mart – This is your one stop shop for packaging. Whether it is for welcome kits, favors or leftovers Paper Mart has you covered. Take out boxes anyone?


5. Luna Bazaar – Boho. Vintage. Chic. If you need pompoms, parasols or paper lanterns this is your stop. They have several collections of paper lanterns including “No Frills” packages of your standard lantern as well as Premium collections which can clip into a standard light bulb.

6. Thatch And Thistle Co. – Great selection of twine, garland, tinsel and fringe – For all your embellishment needs!

Pom Pom Garland in Shades of Blue - 6 Yards - Navy Bright Light Baby Boy Embellishment Lush Ribbon Cord Trim Party Decor

7. Nashville Wraps – For a great selection of Eco Friendly, bags, bows, boxes, wrapping and ribbon you have come to the right place. Having stock of this stuff on hand is great because you never know when you are going to need it.

8. Geronimo Balloons – Who could resist these?

9. Fifty Flowers – Fresh cut stems at wholesale prices. You can shop by the stem, color,  arrangement or by DIY combo kit. They ship the flowers right to you a few days prior to your event and almost everything on their website is Free Shipping! Gerberas….Yes please!

Gerbera Flower Farm Mix 500


10. Bloominous – They have taken the meaning of floral kit to the extreme. Themed floral kits (5 themes to choose from at this time) where they do all the work for you. All you have to do is 1) Choose your theme; 2) Choose what pieces you want…Bouquet-Boutonniere- Centerpiece; 3) Order 4) Pre-Cut flowers arrive at your doorstep with step by step photo card instructions on how to assemble each piece! Particularly in love with their Country Charm Collection.