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Have you ever wondered how everyone else has perfect photos on their websites, blogs, announcements, product images etc.? Well today I want to share with you these beautifully curated stock images created by Shay Cochrane over on the SCstockshop!

There are many different styles of images to choose from based on color, design and purpose purpose. There are desktop images, styled frame images, children’s images, food images, floral images, envelope images, party images and school images.

There is also a line of brand builder sets! Check out one of the latest brand builder collections in use over at b is for bonnie design.


Here Dear Sweet Heart Events uses a SCstock shop image to announce a workshop.

Stock shop


If you sell merchandise you can use these styled images to display your products! See how gorgeous these prints from Scarlet & Gold look using the styled frame images.

2013 Shay CochraneThese stock images are a game changer! An if you sign up to be an insider Shay sends out one free image each month and you will be notified of any sales or promotions in her shop!


A large drinking glass with a handle…what could be bad?!?!? With the constant snow and cold weather this winter my tea consumption has been pretty high. There is nothing better than a warming hot cup of tea (or coffee for all of you coffee drinkers) than of course to have it in a cute mug! I have chosen a few of the mugs that I am loving right now from some of my favorite shops (mostly small businesses). Check them out in the links below!


Monogram Mug//Live Creatively//Magnolia Mug//Time To Get Stuff Done//Joy Comes In The Morning//Every Day I’m Hustlin’

*Anthro definitely makes the list with this pattered monogrammed mug for only $8!

*Lindsey Letters is a great shop with tons of great art prints. I just love this phrase that she sells not only on this mug but also in print!

*Of course the Magnolia mug makes the list. If you do not know what Magnolia Farms is by now, get on over to your couch and tune into HGTV for an episode of Fixer Upper (but be careful you may become obsessed!)

*This gorgeous hand lettered mug from Parris Chic Boutique is a new find and is so fun with the large lettering.

*The Joy Comes in the Morning mug from Ashley Profitt is a great reminder to start our day with the Joy of the Lord.

*And last but not least is the Hustlin’ mug from Ashley Brooke Designs. Her merchandise is cheerful with its bright colors and powerful motto’s.

 Share what your favorite mugs are in the comments below!

Today I was thinking about some of the things that help me feel refreshed each morning while keeping my regimen quick and easy and I thought that I would share them with you. I have very oily skin that is prone to breakouts and it has taken me years to find a routine that works for me and keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy. These are some of the things that are working for me right now.


1. Clarisonic Mia – I love this! It deeply cleanses my pores and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

2. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – This cleaner is like none that I have ever tried. It actually does what it says. It removes excess oil without excess drying.

3. Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer – I follow the Daily Facial Cleanser with the Oil Control Moisturizer which has SPF 30! It is the perfect level of moisture without leaving you feeling greasy or weighted down.

4. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm –  Can’t get enough! The cooling/numb sensation that this lip balm leaves is strangely addicting and equally refreshing.

5. Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel – For those extra harsh, dry or windy days where your face is feeling chapped this is a great moisturizer. It is thick and intense yet it is nongreasy, lightweight and absorbs quickly! Triple bonus!

6. Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion – This is my go to lotion for every day use. It is not too expensive and it just works.

So what about you….What are some of your go to products? Would love to hear!


Jam//Hot Cocoa//Trees//Honey//Luggage Tags//Fresh Fruit

Think of your favor as a gift. It should be something practical that your guests will use after your event. Not something that they will throw away. Follow these 5 tips for fabulous favors at your next event.

  1. Can it be used after the event? – Think practical or edible.
  2. Is it meaningful? – Your event should be a reflection of who you are and what you love. Your favors are no exception. In this same step also make sure that it goes with the theme of the event. (If you need more information on choosing a theme click here)
  3. DIY or NOT? – There are pros and cons to the DIY favor. They can save you money and they are a great way to show guests that you appreciate them however they can also be very time consuming and a lot of work. If you are going to DIY ask for help.
  4. Does packaging matter? – Short answer, YES! Personalized packaging in some form goes a long way. The packaging on the outside makes just as much impact as what is inside. Make sure that your packing goes with the theme of your event. This is where you want to personalize. Custom labels, stamps and ribbon are all ways to make your packaging pop!
  5. Plan ahead. Finding the perfect favor takes time. Gather inspiration. Do your research. Make a decision.

This year is all about systems that make my life easier and allow me to be still (see my prior post on that here) and to make time for the things that matter the most. I love Instagram and it is becoming one of the most interactive social media platforms available. For those of us that do not have social media and/or marketing assistants, we know that posting to social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  takes time throughout the day, particularly when you are trying to be consistent. Today I am sharing a took that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts!

Latergramme is a tool that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts…picture, tags, hashtags and all! There are different levels of service that are offered but their basic service is free and can be used by anyone,  especially anyone who uses Instagram as a business tool. It is easy to use, its saves time and it can be used from your computer or mobile phone. It eliminates the Instagram workflow that many of us know too well – we email ourselves a picture, open it on  our phone, save it to our to our phone and then post on Instagram.

1. Just sign in with INSTAGRAM.


2. Add a New Image.


3. Choose and image and add your caption.


4. Save and them drag the photo onto the calendar to schedule!