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So we talked about what worked in 2015. And we talked about what did not work in 2015. And since it is never too late to set out goals for the year…my goals is what I am sharing with you today. This year I am not only sharing goals that I have for my business but I am also sharing a few goals for my personal life as the two are not completely distinct from one another.

Goals for 2016: Goal Setting

Image Credit: The Glitter Guide


  1. Blogging. This year I am not going to focus on the quantity of times that I am blogging per week but I do want to make sure that I am consistent and intentional with my content. I need to pick a number of days that blogging is realistic for me and stick to it. I have heard so many times this year already how great of a tool blogging and social media are as free marketing tools.
  2. Book my ideal client. This is not a one step process however it is something that I want to be more intentional about this year. First you have to discover your ideal client. Then you have to understand your ideal client. Then you have to book them! We all want clients that inspire us, are fun to work with and that can help our business growth.
  3. Update my website. By evaluating images, packages and language to make sure that it matches up with enabling me to book my ideal client.
  4. Dream. Prayerfully consider and not be afraid to dream big when it comes to the future of DBCA.

Goals for 2016: Goal Setting

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  1. Intentionality with my husband. Continuing to work on managing the work like balance and making time for us each week with no phones, computers or distractions.
  2. Home Sweet Home. I love our sweet one bedroom apartment in Queens but we both have been feeling that the time has come to move on. I have big goals, aspirations and dreams for what the next few steps are for us in this regard but for this year the goal is to save $  for a down payment!
  3. Healthy Living. Continue to take care of my body physically by exercising 2-3 times a week…even in the Spring and Summer months when my schedule becomes more hectic.

Sharing goals is a scary step but I am sharing so that y’all can hold me accountable! I would love for you to share your goals with me so that I can cheer you on as well!

What didn’t work 2015: Goal Setting

This week on the blog we are continuing to talk about goals. More specifically, what didn’t work in 2015. Just as important as looking back at what did work is looking back and honestly assessing what could have gone better. (to see what did work click here) This step is not as much fun but is necessary in order to make changes that will affect your 2016 more effectively.

Here is my list of what didn’t work 2015:

  1. Booking Goal: While I am happy that I took the initiative to set a goal with regard to how many clients I wanted to work with this year, I did not hit my mark. I DID however get to work with some amazing, people, brides and vendors. I also learned what was working and not working in my marketing strategy and have been able to eliminate things that I was spending money on that were not helping me reach my ideal clients.
  2. Blog Consistently: I started off the year strong. I had time, I make myself a blog calendar, I gave it priority. Then sometime around June, I became busy, I got off track and lost the momentum and never really got it back together. I did periodically blog here and there but I was not consistent!
  3. Create an organized work-space in my home: Unfortunately despite best efforts, in our one bedroom apartment there is just not enough space for a dedicated work-space. I have a desk which I keep organized however when it comes time for floral and design projects I still take over every flat surface imaginable. Hopefully in the next year this will change…follow next week for my 2016 goals!

What were some of your goals from 2015 that you did not quite hit? What did you learn from that disappointment? Feel free to share in the comments below.  I would love to a cheerleader alongside of you!

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What a weekend! Finally back in NYC after being snowed out by Winter Storm Jonas. I arrived in Nashville on Friday just in time for their biggest snow storm in over 13 years which blanketed the city in approximately 8 inches of snow. The city to essentially shut down but we still managed to eat, drink and explore despite the weather. We even got an extended stay as Jonas hit NYC even harder dropping over 2 feet of snow in the biggest winter storm the North East has ever seen and causing thousands of flight cancellations.

Nashville has been on our travel bucket list for awhile now so when Alex was going to be traveling there for work I flew down to spend a few extra days to explore together. Even with all of the snow Nashville was pretty amazing. It definitely earned its nickname “Music City” as around every corner live music can be heard flooding the street. We tried a few southern classics such as hot chicken, fried pickles and of course some southern BBQ. We admired the architecture, stopped in to check out the goods at Antique Archaeology and walked a mile, uphill in the snow (Really!)

Even more than all of that we held hands, laughed, sang, danced and had some real good meaningful conversations over coffee. Nashville we will definitely be back – hopefully without the snow next time.



Christmas Cookies

Photo by: Sarah Tew Photography

Can you believe that Christmas is in 2 days ?!? I know that I am still in shock. While I am sure that we all have things that we need to do to close out the year; wrap up a last project, reflect on 2015, put dates in your new calendar, whatever it may be that you need to get done this year I hope that you are taking some time to spend with family and friends this holiday season. As important as our “To Do” lists are there is no replacement for growing relationships and spending time with one another celebrating this special time of year.

This weekend i went home to Connecticut and spent some time with my mom and brother baking cookies. Our day was full of singing, laughing and growing memories and traditions for years to come. Seven hours and dozens of cookies later we packed up the cookie cutters until next year!

How do you spend your holidays? Do you have any special holiday traditions? What does family, friends, tradition and holiday cheer look like for you! I love Christmas and would love to hear what you do to celebrate!


Art Print: Lindsay Letters

16 days until Christmas! Where did this year go? I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Whether you are newly engaged yourself or have a Bride to Be on your Christmas list this year, I am sharing a few of my favorite gifts from some of my favorite creators.

First up is the amazing Southern Weddings Planner. This planner has it all and helps a bride with everything from what to do after you get engaged to an anniversary gift guide that will help you cherish each year after marriage. The team at Southern Weddings is all about creating a marriage that is more than your wedding day. They love to help couples start married life in a joyful and intentional way. This planner is not only a great resource  but each page is gorgeous!

The Southern Weddings Planner

The Southern Weddings Planner

The MRS Box creates luxurious velvet heirloom boxes that come in a variety of colors to provide a safe harbor for your new ring! Each box is handmade using a variety of limited edition velvet in exclusive colors. Give your ring the attention that it deserves.



These spoons from jessicaNdesigns are just one example of the many hand stamped vintage silverware and personalized jewelry in her shop. There are so many different designs in her collection.



A fresh manicure always gives your ring a little extra sparkle. Essie’s 2015 Bridal Collection is a great gift set that takes your nails from engagement to honeymoon with a wide variety of colors to choose from.


Essie’s 2015 Bridal Collection