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Reception tables are the ultimate statement because EVERY GUEST gets to enjoy them for a much longer time than any other detail at your event and they combine combining both practical and creative details. Here are a few rules of thumb to consider when planning a tablescape for your next event.


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1. KEEP IT INTERESTING. Use different shapes, mix + match patterns and textures. Also use layers! Just as you would when getting dressed yourself in the morning, layer your linens and dinnerware to make things more interesting.


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2. HEIGHT. Vary the height of items on your table. Using short items such as votive candles with taller items such as candle sticks creates interest for the eye to follow. Keep in mind that while height is important and tall statement pieces can be gorgeous, you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table without too much interference.


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3. SIMPLICITY. Sometimes simple is best. You do not want your table to look cluttered. Sometimes all  you need is a few simple items displayed properly to make the necessary statement.


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4. UNEXPECTED DETAILS. Include things such as favors, succulents, personalized notes or custom napkins to make it unique and most memorable.


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5. RULE OF THREES. Grouping items in sets of three, five, seven etc. creates visual tension and keeps your eye moving. Believe it or not your table will actually look more balanced when grouping in odd numbers instead of using pairs.

Hey guys today I just wanted to pop in and discuss some non-traditional outdoor wedding locations that you may have never thought of! I LOVE weddings and receptions with an outdoor component. A lot of traditional wedding venues do have outdoor spaces that they make available to their brides however if you are looking for something a bit more unique here is a list of some spaces that might be nice to consider.

Park Wedding Parks. Where can you get married in a park? Many local and state parks allow for events and are budget friendly! When you are doing your research you want to keep in mind the park rules, the hours, whether there are other events going on at the park on your proposed wedding day, any restrictions on decorations/food/alcohol etc. Keep in mind that parks are open to the public so you will not completely be able to control other people from looking in on your event. Also find out whether there is a pavilion on site or if they allow for a tent to be set up in case of inclement weather.

Garden Wedding

Gardens. Do some research to see if there are special gardens in the town where you are looking to get marries. Whether it is a Botanical Garden, a local rose garden or a gorgeous garden in someone’s backyard, the location would make a great place for a wedding. If it is a specialty garden, you want to make sure that the peak season for the blossoms matches up with your proposed wedding date. Having gorgeous blooms as a natural backdrop to your event can save you money in your flower and decor budget.

Camping Wedding

Campgrounds. Campgrounds are essentially a park however it may provide more flexibility in the hours that your guests can stay to celebrate with you. It also provides the opportunity to forego the hotel rooms and have your guests camp out with you for your wedding weekend. Camping does not have to mean pitching a tent (although that is always fun). Some camp grounds provide small rustic cabins that your guests could rent. Just make sure that you research the options and make sure that there is something available that is suitable for all of your guests.


Waterfalls. Do your research. This can make for a lovely and intimate setting for your wedding however make sure that you check out the waterfall first and determine that it is accessible for you and your guests.


Barns. They provide a great blank canvas for you to get creative with and can be dressed up for the most formal occasion or can go back to their farm roots with the rustic, natural beauty. Once you set on a location, visit it often to get a feel for how it looks and feels during different times of the day. Also take into consideration whether the barn has lighting, running water and bathrooms. Remember that this is not only about your wedding and vision but it is about keeping your guests comfortable while they celebrate with you.

Handmade and crafty details completely transform an event to your personal style with meaningful touches that will guarantee your event will stand out from another.  The “details” include things such as your cake, flowers, decorations, attire, invitations, favors and other quirky features of your event.

Whether you are doing all of the details yourself or working with an event designer it is important to choose a few base details that are most important to you and build from there depending on your ideas and budget constraints. It does not matter whether your details are expensive or not but they should definitely be meaningful and should reflect who you are because that is what people will remember most about your event.

The details are a labor of love. Not only to dream up but also to implement however not only will they have an impact on your guests but they will also be captured in your photographs. After your dress has been preserved. After the cake has been eaten. After the flowers have wilted. After the rentals are returned. There will still be evidence of the hard work and labor of love that was translated from your vision to reality through the details of your event.


Winter Wonderland//Galentine’s Day//St. Patrick’s Day//Rustic Wintry Wedding


Your event decor stems from your theme. If you missed my tips on choosing a theme you can view them here.  When it comes to your decor, think outside of the box. Whether you are going the DIY route, or have hired an event designer to help you pull together your cohesive look it is important that your event decor blends your theme and your personality to make unique and memorable decor. In order to achieve this blend source your materials from hardware stores, thrift shops and nature where ordinary objects can easily be transformed into gorgeous, unique decor.


1. Love this creative backdrop made from flagging tape instead of ribbon!


2. Handmade frames covered in pine cones to frame this dessert table.


3. Corrugated metal piping from the hardware store as a centerpiece.


4. Recycled tin cans as planters for this cinco de Mayo themed wedding.


5. Wine Corks as Escort Cards.

These are just a few examples of how your decor can have am impact even when made from ordinary objects that we may not consider when we thing of decor. The details in your decor DO MATTER and help transform the atmosphere of your event into something memorable for you and your guests.


If you missed my last tip about the 5 basics of event coordination you can view it here. Today I just want to share a quick piece of advice for picking a theme for your next event. This step is vital to the planning process because it is the decision that will inspire essentially all of your design decisions moving forward. A theme can be a series of colors, something from nature, a season, a place, a texture, patterns, a holiday etc. The tip to making your event unique is to gather inspiration for your theme from non traditional sources.

For example you decide that you want to have a beach wedding.  So you hop on over to a traditional wedding blog and view hundreds of gorgeous images of beach weddings. You see a bunch of great ideas that you like and you stop there. Chances are your beach wedding is going to look very similar to those images. We embrace the idea of having an event that is unique to who you are and the best way to create that is to look to nontraditional places for inspiration – museums, art, nature, your favorite restaurant, your favorite room in your home, animals, hobbies etc. This is not to say that you should not also look to traditional sources – I like to think of them as a great starting point from which you can start your own creativity – gathering unique inspiration that will help mold your event into something uniquely memorable.

What about you? Where are some of your favorite places to gather ideas and inspiration when planning an event?