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contentment – A state of happiness and satisfaction.

Am I content? This is a question that has been plaguing my mind for over a year now! In 2013 I came across a blog post from Lara Casey about something called the Contentment Challenge. The Contentment Challenge is a 3 month challenge not to buy anything new. I remember reading it and thinking “wow that sounds intense!” It sounded interesting but I brushed it off as not being applicable to me because of course I came up with a million excuses why I stopping purchases did not apply to me. I was not unhappy with my life, so I must be content. Right?

A few months later I came across a blog post that Tiffany Farley wrote about Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. I bought the book, read it with my husband and we decided that we were going to start following Dave Ramsey’s guidelines for our finances.  It has been almost two years since we started this financial journey together and YES we have made definite progress but on the same hand there have been many moments of weakness where we have slipped back into old habits of buying things that we do not need that have set us back along the way.

Having healthy finances is just one component of being content. We live in a society where we believe that things can make us happy. We see something in a store, we  buy it and we feel content. We crave coffee, tea, a sweet treat and just indulge ourselves everyday not realizing the consequences. But material contentment is temporary.  I am totally guilty of all of this! Our finances, stuff and our current stage of life all intertwine to create a web of contentment and I have been struggling with all of it!

1 Timothy 6:6-8 “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.”

Stuff is literally that…stuff. We can’t take it with us and if we are not careful things become nasty idols in our lives that take our focus away from the things that matter. Stuff does not matter. Some things that do matter are relationships, God, reading, spending time outside, being active and healthy and helping/giving to others.

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Fast forward to March 2015 when I attended Making Things Happen and heard Nancy Ray speak about her lifestyle transformation after she completed the #ContentmentChallenge. Again bringing this challenge to my heart and attention. Here we are over 4 months later and I still have not submitted myself to relinquish control of stuff. This month is the month. I am tired of being in this season. The season of too much stuff cluttering my life. The season of financial struggle. The season of growth so slow that I feel stagnant. The season where I struggle with self control. We all go through seasons of life and I know that I am in this season for a reason and that God has a bigger plan that I  can not see. It’s His time, not mine but in the meantime I am going to start the Contentment Challenge to prepare my heart for the next season, whenever that may come.

Consider joining me and the many others that have done this #ContentmentChallenge before me. Think about your contentment story and whether it is complete. I will be sharing the rules of the challenge next week. Whether your joining me or just supporting me be sure to follow along each week for updates.


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