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How to Schedue your Instagram Posts

This year is all about systems that make my life easier and allow me to be still (see my prior post on that here) and to make time for the things that matter the most. I love Instagram and it is becoming one of the most interactive social media platforms available. For those of us that do not have social media and/or marketing assistants, we know that posting to social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  takes time throughout the day, particularly when you are trying to be consistent. Today I am sharing a took that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts!

Latergramme is a tool that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts…picture, tags, hashtags and all! There are different levels of service that are offered but their basic service is free and can be used by anyone,  especially anyone who uses Instagram as a business tool. It is easy to use, its saves time and it can be used from your computer or mobile phone. It eliminates the Instagram workflow that many of us know too well – we email ourselves a picture, open it on  our phone, save it to our to our phone and then post on Instagram.

1. Just sign in with INSTAGRAM.


2. Add a New Image.


3. Choose and image and add your caption.


4. Save and them drag the photo onto the calendar to schedule!

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