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Tip of the Week: Choosing a Theme


If you missed my last tip about the 5 basics of event coordination you can view it here. Today I just want to share a quick piece of advice for picking a theme for your next event. This step is vital to the planning process because it is the decision that will inspire essentially all of your design decisions moving forward. A theme can be a series of colors, something from nature, a season, a place, a texture, patterns, a holiday etc. The tip to making your event unique is to gather inspiration for your theme from non traditional sources.

For example you decide that you want to have a beach wedding.  So you hop on over to a traditional wedding blog and view hundreds of gorgeous images of beach weddings. You see a bunch of great ideas that you like and you stop there. Chances are your beach wedding is going to look very similar to those images. We embrace the idea of having an event that is unique to who you are and the best way to create that is to look to nontraditional places for inspiration – museums, art, nature, your favorite restaurant, your favorite room in your home, animals, hobbies etc. This is not to say that you should not also look to traditional sources – I like to think of them as a great starting point from which you can start your own creativity – gathering unique inspiration that will help mold your event into something uniquely memorable.

What about you? Where are some of your favorite places to gather ideas and inspiration when planning an event?

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