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Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love

Behind the scenes of Details by Chelsea Ann we are all LOVE all the time. We love celebrating true love and lasting marriages – and yes it’s cool that there is a day to celebrate it but we believe in celebrating love each and every day! Whether you are dating, engaged or married there are things that we can do on a daily or weekly basis to make sure that we are maintaining healthy relationships.

  1. Face to Face Time – Sitting down with your beau and having meaningful discussions is not only important but necessary.
  2. Side by Side Time – Spending time with your beau doing an activity such as cooking, playing a game, watching a movies.
  3. The Physical Touch – The power of the physical touch is amazing. The simple act of holding hands or hugging releases feelings of comfort. Studies have shown that when we hug a chemical reaction occurs in our bodies that has life extending health benefits.
  4. Laugh Together – Laughing with your beau will lead to better communication, excitement to your relationship and adds a layer of intimacy to your relationship.

Event Design, Celebrating Love

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