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Weekend Recap: Stillness


This weekend I took some for myself to be still, relax and reflect on the past year. I also sat down and started to answer some really tough questions about my goals for 2015 and what action steps to put in place to get there. Accountability is SCARY! Putting your thoughts, dreams and desires to pen and paper is scary and difficult. But I believe that it will totally be worth it to have an action plan in place. A plan to say NO to fear and YES to taking a leap of faith.

This March I am going to be attending the Making Things Happen Intensive – A Conference designed to crush your fears, harness your passion and make it happen! Laura Casey’s book, Making Things Happen was just released, and I would recommend that everyone read it! This book is how I spearheaded my inner journey to dig deep and set goals for 2015.

I am in the process of creating some very specific goals for each area of my life (more to come), however one thing that I want to implement in my daily routine is STILLNESS – which is turn is my #wordoftheyear2015.

STILLNESS: Noun – 1) silence; quiet; hush 2) the absence of motion.


In the upcoming year I want to find time each day to be still. To hear God’s voice. To clear the clutter, physically, mentally and spiritually to make time for what matters most.


What about you? Does anyone else have a word of the year?


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